Four score months ago, plus several years, when the web was new, GoodCleanCrazy had it’s first baby in the form of a lousy web page devoted to me (myself). It was perhaps a (tragic) noble venture, but I got bored of reading about myself, and created this blog. On it you shall find some unique ideas, nifty things I found on the web, and some hashed, boring ideas you’ve already seen, but they will be the best I can come up with, so be nice. And maybe I’ll add few opinion polls to keep the Gallup man away. Just remember, without change on the web, we can’t change the things we can’t change, unless, we . . . inspire others. Eh. (Well, really this page is a gas money earner, and a distribution of Good, Clean, Crazy ideas from yours truly and kindred spirits.  I hope you enjoy it.)